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The brilliant & Artistic team at Beat Down Boogie, known for their work such as Mario Warfare (A live-action Nintendo Parody) and Modern War Gear Solid have done it again and have come up with a Spaghetti Western Twist to our favourite Video Game Franchise The Legend Of Zelda and created a short-film called “Hang Em Hyrule.” Directed By Micah Moore, It has all the important characters, Link (Brian Lee), Zelda (Caitlin Dickens) & of course, Ganondorf (Matthew Sumner). in this unvoiced final battle of good and evil in a one-horse town known as Hyrule. The costumes look fantastic and better yet are available to buy as seen from Volante Design. If you are a Zelda fan and enjoyed the Side quest in Twillight Princess where you have to take on the Bokoblins in the Hidden Village, then you will definitely enjoy this video.


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