Plush Added to World of Nintendo Release Guide

Kuribo continues his work on the World of Nintendo Release Guide. This time it is plush that are added along with Nintendo Blind Boxes. Read on for cute and soft Nintendo characters!

It took a lot of work, more than I expected but I have now added plush to the World of Nintendo Release Guide!  There are some pretty cool and unique plush in the guide and I have added pictures of most of them so make sure to check out the new additions by clicking here!  I have also added Nintendo Micro Blind Boxes to the guide as well.  The guide is probably in the vicinity of 75-85% done with only the various Mario Kart toys to go now.  I look forward to finishing the guide and making progress on updating some of the others.  If I’m lucky enough to find one tomorrow, I will try and review the new Metroid Amiibo soon as well.  Best of luck to everyone who didn’t preorder and is going to try and hunt one down tomorrow!

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