Mario Super Mario Bros. PDP Pixel Pals

Kuribo reviews a figure of Mario from the original Super Mario Bros. that can light up! Just how cool is this figure? Read on to find out!

It has been a little while since I reviewed a Pixel Pal but I really enjoy my Super Mario 3 one and have been on the lookout for Nintendo ones, I just haven’t come across any others.  That all changed this week at my local Best Buy who is now carrying these and they had a Mario one no less!  I picked it up and am excited to review another Pixel Pal for you.

Mario Pixel Pals PDP Super Mario Brothers Box FrontBox and Contents – The style of this box is very similar to the Super Mario 3 Pixel Pal with the brick motif and colors from the Nintendo game it is based on.  The box art isn’t amazing but I do like it and appreciate that it is mostly collector-friendly.  What I mean by this is that you can take out the figure and put it back in the box later if you want though the…

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