Blooper 2.5″ Inch World of Nintendo Review

Kuribo reviews a figure of a character that only a true Mario fan would recognize and want! Read on to find out if Blooper is a figure you should own.

One of the cool things about the World of Nintendo 2.5″ inch figure line is how many obscure characters get turned into figures.  You would have never guessed that Tingle got a figure and now we have Blooper, which is a figure diehard Mario fans want but many casual fans may not know.  Another advantage of 2.5″ inch figures is that they fit in surprisingly well with 4″ inch figures which makes them a great addition to your collection.  Since there are already tons of Mario figures, having Blooper fit in with those larger figures would make it attractive to collectors.  With that said, let’s see what this figure from Jakks Pacific has to offer!

Blooper World of Nintendo 2.5 Figure Box FrontBox – While there is nothing new with the packaging figure, I want to note that it is not a recent release and is something I just happened to spot at Toys R Us and…

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