New Mario World of Nintendo Figures Spotted?

Can you ever have enough Mario figures? Of course not! And fortunately, Kuribo has some tantalizing news to share of new Mario figures coming to World of Nintendo.

There has been a bit of a lull in recent weeks with World of Nintendo and yet, a new wave has hit retailers near me recently (and will be reviewed on the site in the near future!) and now we have rumors of new figures!  Sharp-eyed Reddit user, PSIPancakes, shared images of figures that not only look legitimate but appear to be coming soon to retailers like Amazon.  Here are images of both figures and you can visit the links to Amazon below as well:

Hammer Bro World of NintendoHammer Bro. listing on Amazon

Metal Mario World of NIntendoMetal Mario listing on Amazon

Both of these figures look pretty solid but a Hammer Bro figure is definitely more exciting than another Mario repaint.  The articulation on Hammer Bro looks really good if the final product matches this image.  Metal Mario is a classic power-up from Mario 64 but the figure itself is a bit generic and could use…

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