As a child born in the 90’s, I was there at the beginning when Pokémon came into being. I played Red and Yellow and became obsessed with both Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Snap. I loved everything Pokémon had to offer and when the TCG came out, I endeavored to collect every card in the base set and I was glad to take ownership of both the very expensive Charizard card and Ancient Mew.

They were my pride and joys and the jewels of my collection, but when it turned out my family was going to move to a different country in 2002 and that we needed to sell pretty much everything we ever owned, my Pokémon TCG collection was among the things I had to say goodbye to. Due to the emotional scars sustained, I refrained from returning to the TCG for many years, especially since I would rather have English cards than Spanish ones, but then came Detective Pikachu.

I absolutely adored the Niintendo 3DS game and I even enjoyed the 2019 film. So much so to the point that it got me back into the TCG. The cards had come a long way to the ones I remembered fondly, but I collected them all and for a fleeting moment, I felt a wave of child-like glee that I hadn’t known for a long time, but then I wanted more. Needed more.

So, I then collected the Pokémon GO expansion and am now attempting to complete the base set of the Scarlet & Violet expansion. The 60 secret rares in their full art and illustrated glory, are true works of art and look simply divine, but if I pick a few up here and there, I’m good with that. Still, it is because of this newfound love and appreciation for all things Pokémon TCG that when I was attending the Pokémon EUIC 2023, as much as I loved watching some of the battles play out, honestly, the moment where I was a kid in the candy shop, was when I was checking out the few market stalls that were selling, trading and valuing Pokémon trading cards.

From Japanese cards to English sets, some of the oldest expansions to the latest ones, there were cards of many varieties and each one was splendid in their design. I could have spent all day photographing each and every one, but that would have taken all weekend. Instead, I went another direction with it, which you can see for yourself right here:

Trading Card Admiration at Pokémon EUIC 2023:

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By Jack Longman

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