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With the Pokémon EUIC 2023 in full swing, Saturday the 15th of April, 2023, was also the day of Pokémon GO’s Togetic Community Day. Having already completed the complete Togepi line in Pokémon Legends: Areceus, this was one Community Day I didn’t need to be to become obsessed with, now when so much was going on all around me.

Yet, I did strike a small bargain with myself. Should I reach the Pokémon GO area, I would spend twenty minutes there and attempt to shiny hunt. The rules? I refused myself using an incense and I was not allowed to move and walk around. With the rules in place and my own personal challenge agreed to, off I went. My first shiny Togetic made itself known within a few minutes and was an easy capture and yet, becasue I caught one, I now needed to catch a second one and none were showing up.

With the clock counting down against me, desperate times called for desperate measures and for me, my Ruse de Guerre was to take a snapshot of my shiny Togetic. The result? An encounter with a second shiny Togetic and that too, was added to my collection. Only, the first Togetic had a higher CP, so she was the one that I chose to evolve into a shiny Togekiss.

Now with a CP of 2120 and knowing the charged move, Aura Sphere (fighting type), this Togekiss is ready for battle and ready to be the star of its own photo, but with time now over, it was time to move on from the Pokémon GO area and move on to other things EUIC 2023.

Togekiss Goes to Pokémon EUIC 2023:

By Jack Longman

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