An exploit has been found in Pokémon Legends: Arceus that will allow players to help fill out their Pokédex Research Tasks or more specifically, the research task that tallies how many of a certain Pokémon you have caught. Basically, you can increase the number of Pokémon caught by simply trading Pokémon with this task with other players.

We learned about the exploit from YouTuber AbdallahSmash who has recently made a video on the exploit and how to do it. The exploit is as follows: Every time you make a trade, it will count the Pokémon you receive as “caught”. You can then trade back the Pokémon and it also will count them as caught, even though you are the original owner of the Pokémon. This is most likely something that will probably get patched out later but if you have a good friend that you can trust to send your Pokémon to and then send each other’s Pokémon back, you can reach level 10 in your research tasks in no time.

If you want to see AbdallahSmash’s exploit video, you can check it out below.

Source: AbdallahSmash (YouTube)

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