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As a character that was once intended to be the villain in Donkey Kong Country, embarked on his own platforming adventures and hired an actor by the name of Jimmy Papadopoulos, to become his tennis partner, Wario has lived a very interesting life. Through and through he is a Nintendo character and one of my favourite things about the WarioWare games, are the microgames based on classic Nintendo games.

WarioWare and Nintendo Classics go hand in hand and with a brand new instalment in the series available now, as are all the details on the new Nintendo Classics that made the cut this time around and in this little guide, we’re going to be providing details on each one:


*All released years provided below are based on those provided in the European version of WarioWare: Get it Together!


Game: New Super Mario Bros. U

Platform: Nintendo Wii U

Released: 2012

Objective: Collect every coin, but DO NOT touch a Fuzzy! Trust me on this one.

Game: Super Mario Land

Platform: Nintendo Game Boy

Released: 1990

Objective: Bonk the ? Block to score a coin or item. Old-school games are the coolest!

Game: Super Metroid

Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Released: 1994

Objective: Did you know Samus can turn into a Morph Ball and roll around and stuff? Isn’t she THE COOLEST!? Help her get to her exit.

Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Released: 2013

Objective: Pop the balloon at just the right moment to deliver the present to a villager! It doesn’t matter which villager gets the gift—it’s just nice to be nice, you know?

Game: Nintendo Badge Arcade

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Released: 2015

Objective: Ack! Don’t let the claw catch you like you’re some kind of collectible badge! You can run away from it or try attacking it to make it go away. Shoo, claw, SHOO!

Game: Pikmin 2

Platform: Nintendo GameCube

Released: 2004

Objective: Attack the Pellet Posies to collect the pellets! You can’t harvest pellets from flowers that haven’t bloomed, so don’t waste precious time trying to do something silly like that.

Game: Big Brain Academy

Platform: Nintendo DS

Released: 2006

Objective: Pick two pieces that’ll match the shape of the silhouette when you combine them. This one’s like homework, only it’s fun as it’s a video game!

Game: Super Mario Bros.

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System

Released: 1987

Objective: Do whatever you gotta do to defeat Bowser! Dude’s got it coming. Now for a hint from the world’s biggest Nintendo fan: grabbing the axe behind him will totally will do the trick!

Game: Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Released: 2019

Objective: This school seems different from my school… I mean REALLY DIFFERENT. For starters, this school has tea parties. Not only that but you gotta say the exact right thing at these tea parties. Say something weird and things get super awkward. Good luck.

Game: Ice Climber

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System

Released: 1986

Objective: Time to climb! Race to the top of the mountain, breaking blocks along the way when you need to. But watch out for the falling icicles!

Game: Donkey Kong Country Returns

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Released: 2010

Objective: OK, this is serious stuff! You gotta defeat all the enemies on screen! Hey… is that Donkey Kong’s voice I hear?

Game: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$! | WarioWarel: Touched! | WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!

Platform: Nintendo GameCube | Nintendo DS Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Released: 2004 | 2005 2003

Objective: Yay! It’s time to play some old WarioWare games! Hold on… some of these things are shaped like games but aren’t games at all. Ugh. Don’t let anything in that’s not a game. It’ll ruin the system! 

Game: Destiny Game

Platform: Destiny Board Game

Released: 1969 (Japan only)

Objective: Time for some OLD old-school fun! In this board game, you’ve got to stop the spinner on the number that lets you move your piece the right number of spaces to reach the goal. Didja know that Nintendo used to make board games too? So cool!

Game: Splatoon 2

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Released: 2017

Objective: Hmm…can you tell which team inked more turf? Pick a side and head that way! The honourable Judd and Li’l Judd will deliver the final verdict.

Game: Devil World

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System

Released: 1987

Objective: Oooh, there’s sooo much retro goodness in this game! You’ve gotta navigate a maze and try to stay alive while the screen scrolls. Keep moving so you don’t get squished!

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Platform: Nintendo Wii U | Nintendo Switch

Released: 2017

Objective: Wow! Link is sooo cool! He stopped that object in its tracks using the Stasis Rune! Strike it to build up kinetic energy and send it flying.

Game: Luigi’s Mansion

Platform: Nintendo GameCube

Released: 2002

Objective: Jeepers! Ghosts are hiding in the furniture! Talk about c-c-creeepy. Find the ghosts so Luigi can get rid of ’em! 

Game: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Platform: Nintendo Wii U

Released: 2015

Objective: Oh no, Captain Toad is stuck and can’t get to the Power Star! Move things around to create a path for him.

Game: Ele-Conga & Autoplayer

Platform: Ele-Conga (Japan only)

Released: 1972

Objective: Did you know that Nintendo made an electronic drum machine back in the olden days. Just turn the Ele-Conga’s handle to get the beat going and people dancing.

Game: Game & Watch Judge

Platform: Nintendo Game & Watch

Released: 1980

Objective: Time for a pop quiz! And it’s math too! Just pick the side that has the higest number. HA! The student has become the teacher!

Game: WarioWare: Twisted!

Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Released: 2005

Objective: You play this game by twisting the Game Boy Advance system around. Check out the screen to see what you need to do, and then get twistin’!

Game: Yoshi’s Story

Platform: Nintendo 64

Released: 1998

Objective: Time to collect some eggs! Be sure to pick up the right amount, and don’t forget to check the blocks too.

Game: Super Mario World

Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Released: 1992

Objective: Time for an epic adventure through a classic Super Mario World level! Try not to get hit by enemies as you race to the Goal Pole. Have fun, but don’t forget there’s a time limit.

As always, we hope you found this guide helpful and if there’s any new Nintendo Classic that’s taken your fancy, we’d love to know which one!



By Jack Longman

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