Amaterasu Capcom Collab 2

The Sun Goddess Amaterasu from the Ōkami series is now available as Layered Armor for the Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise. However, you can’t just get the Amaterasu layered armor straight away and will need to take on an event quest beforehand. Just like with the previous Capcom Collab with the Tsukino Layered Armor, you need to talk to Senri the Mailman and accept the add-on content “The Sun Goddess” event quest.

From there, you will then need to talk to Hinoa the Quest Maiden in the Quest Lobby, and select “The Sun Goddess” in Event Quests (Low Rank).  For this quest, you are tasked with simply collecting 21 packages lying around the Shrine Ruins. You won’t need any Bunny Dango as there are no large Monsters to kill so you can dive straight into the quest. Upon completion of the quest, you will receive Sun Goddess Tickets that are required to forge the Amaterasu Layered armor. You will need four of these tickets and 1080 Zenny to forge the layered armor and both pieces will be forged at the same time.

You will likely find yourself needing to complete “The Sun Goddess” a few times in order to get enough tickets to forge the Amaterasu Layered Armor. We have recorded some gameplay of the Event Quest that shows one of the best routes to collect all packages without having to double back to any areas. You can check it out below and we hope it helps you as you collect them for yourselves.

By Mike Scorpio

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