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Get Ready For a Yooka-Laylee Game Decks tabletop game that fits snugly in your pocket

Limited Run Games and Game Decks have announced that they are working together on an exclusive Yooka-Laylee Game Decks Tabletop Game that up to four people can play together. On June 29th, 2021, you can join Yooka and Laylee on an all-new adventure that is “crammed with characters, challenges, and collectibles” that are based on the indie smash title.

The Yooka-Laylee tabletop game by Game Decks includes the following:

  • Quills, quills, quills! Use quills to buy Glide, Reptile Roll and
    Honey Puddle powerups to give yourself an edge over your opponents.
  • The Ghost Writers! Have you got what it takes to beat their
    fiendish challenges and earn a bucket-load of points?
  • Characters you love (and hate)! You’ll find Blasto, Kartos,
    Trowzer and TONS more sprawled across the Game Decks board,
    brought to life with stunning hand-painted artwork.
  • A modular build-your-own board system that can be different every time you play and even combined with other Party-Styled Game Decks, Yooka-Laylee is a unique collectible and endlessly fun tabletop game you can fit in your (Trowzer) pocket.

Check out the cool new Yooka-Laylee Game Decks Trailer:

An official statement from Game Decks:

When Playtonic agreed to work with us, they said under one condition: that we produce and release an album of brand-new Yooka-Laylee songs to launch alongside it as an official Game Decks soundtrack. Actually that’s a lie – they’re very nice and would never demand anything, but we did it anyway and are proud to announce “Yooka-Laylee Capital B-Sides” – an Original Game Decks Soundtrack featuring ten tunes written and produced by Perry Burkum that are perfect when paired with the tabletop game. Check out a sample of the first track in our launch trailer! The CD will be sold with the Special Edition of Yooka-Laylee Game Decks.

The Gold Edition of Yooka-Laylee features a beautiful gold foil-stamped cover, as well as some exclusive alternate Player Pieces, Dice and Cover Card. This edition of the game is super limited, and will only be available as part of a special Yooka-Laylee collection released with Limited Run Games on the same day.

But the announcements don’t stop there! Finally, we will also be selling a special version of our first release – Mutant Mudds Deluxe – for anyone who missed out on it when we launched it alongside Atooi Collection on the 3DS. This game is completely compatible with Yooka-Laylee and can be combined for a truly epic and wacky tabletop experience!

For more information regarding Game Decks, please visit:
GameDecks.fun or join the conversation on Twitter @PlayGameDecks!


Source: GameDecks PR – courtesy of Benjicong

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