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During a conversation on the Twitter DM’s about Pokémon Trading Cards and how rare some of them are, our good friend Chris Brandrick (Switch Weekly) spoke about his collection from 20 odd years ago. As he was talking about his cards, another good friend of ours, Jared McClure stated how some of those cards could go for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Following the conversation, Chris said he was going to upload a short video showing of his Pokémon Trading Cards collection. The video is now live on his YouTube channel and we have to say, What a Collection!

The video is a true blast from the past that filled us with a wave of nostalgia and a hint of prepubescent jealousy. We remember all to well what it was like knowing someone who had the very cards you were obsessively searching for. Our own collection of Pokémon Trading Cards dissipated over the years but to see such a extensive collection of cards is amazing, and in very good condition too.

You can check out Chris Brandrick’s incredible Pokémon Trading Card Collection from 20 years ago in the video below.

Source: Chris Brandrick (YouTube)

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