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ABSolute perfection.

Just like its predecessor,  Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise is an exergaming title where players can work out with their favourite instructors and unlock new clothing items for them. Unlike its prequel, there comes a certain point where players will also be able to unlock set clothing, which is a type of clothing, consisting of both a top and a bottom.

In keeping with this gallery, the exact set clothing we’re showing off today is each instructors swimsuit. Once the option becomes available, players can purchase each swimsuit for 3 Outfit Tickets. When worn, however, players will not be able to access every feature for the full game, with the swimsuits being intended for the Tropical stage.

Every outfit and instructor, can be found below:

The eyewear and hand-related accessories shown in the pictures above, are purely present as they are something we added in to help complete the swimsuits. Any design you like the most? Let us know! Otherwise, we will leave you with a couple more facts.

The first being Fitness Boxing 2 has now sold more than 700,000 units worldwide, which when added to the first game’s 1 million+ sales, means Fitness Boxing as a series stands at 1.7 million units sold across the globe and a new update is out next week. Be sure to check out our Switch History companion piece to see details on all updates released previously.

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