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As Pokémon Café Mix continues to grow with new features being added, the latest added Team Events, a special event where players can work together to complete orders in an effort to make friends with special Pokémon that appears during the event and first off the boat, is Snorlax. so here’s a friendly guide on how to obtain him and what Team Events are all about:

Section 1: What are Team Events?

Team Events is a new event where players must work together if they are to be successful in recruiting special Pokémon such as Snorlax and Mimikyu. Players must do their best to complete challenging orders.

Section 2: How many Members can you have in a Team?

The maximum number of members you can have in a team are 30.

Section 3: Can I make my own Team?

While players are not required to just join someone else’s team, they can, in fact, make their own team and give it the Member Requirements you wish for it to have and you can choose to make it Public, but you will need 300 Golden Acorns to create it.

What’s more, by being the one to create the team, you will be its Team Captain and you can easily form a team with existing friends and allow others to search for you by sharing your team name or team ID.

Section 4: What are the Benefits of Being on a Team/Making a Team?

Regardless of whether you create a team of your own or joined one by someone else, or even one of the randomly generated teams, players can earn themselves Golden Acorns for every member that joins the team.

Section 5: Are there any Other Benefits?

In celebration of the latest update for Pokémon Café Mix, on September 24, 2020 the in-game shop will add a new Team Order Pack, which consists of a “variety of items that can be useful for completing puzzles,” 13,400 Golden Acorns and a Snorlax Maniac Pikachu. (A Pikachu wearing a Snorlax Costume.)

Section 6: How to Befriend Snorlax:

For two weeks, Snorlax will rock up to the Café and players will need to serve it tasty dishes to raise its satisfaction level high enough for it to join you. There are a total of 17 satisfaction levels, with players needing to fill to befriend Snorlax. To word it in another way, by working together, players will need to earn 840 Stars to obtain Snorlax. To completely fill Snorlax up, a total of 4,800 Stars are required.

Snorlax’s Café Skill: Clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks below

Event Duration: September 24, 2020 – October 8, 2020

Section 7: How to Befriend Mimikyu:

For two weeks, Mimikyu will rock up to the Café and players will need to serve it tasty dishes to raise its satisfaction level high enough for it to join you.There are a total of 17 satisfaction levels, with players needing to satisfy Mimikyu’s appetite 9 times to befriend the Pokémon. A toal of 4,800 Stars are required to completely fill Mimikyu’s appetite.

Mimikyu’s Café Skill: Clears icons and gimmicks to the upper left, lower right, and diagonally. The replaces icons with the leader Pokémon.

Event Duration: October 21, 2020 – November 4, 2020

We hope you found this guide helpful.

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