Super Mario 64 Secrets

With the upcoming release on Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Nintendo Switch, we thought we would revisit some of the original Super Mario 64 secrets, tips, and tricks that may still be usable in the Nintendo Switch version. The following Super Mario 64 secrets, tips, and tricks include the likes of where to find the Cap Switches, unlimited lives, changing the water level for Wet Dry World, and how to meet Yoshi.


Super Mario 64 Secrets, Tips, and Tricks

Where To Find Red ! Switch – Wing Cap

In order to unlock the wing cap, you will need to collect 10 stars and then go to the main hall in Peach’s Castle. Stand on the Sun Tile in the middle of the room and change the camera so you can move Mario’s face. Look up to where the light is shining down and you will be transported to a secret area outside the castle. Fly down to the tower platform in the middle of the secret area and hit the red Switch. All Red Wing Cap Blocks will now be solid.


Where to Find the Blue ! Switch – Vanish Cap

After you have beaten Bowser for the first time around, head to the basement of the castle. From here, head into the maze-like area that is the hub section for Lava Lava Land, Hazy Maze Cave, and Shifting Sand Land. There is a door around here that does not have a star on it. open it and head inside. You will find a room with a pool of water and to pillars. ground pound the pillars in the water to lower the water level. Follow the once submerged path and it will take you outside the castle.

The moat around the castle is now empty. Head under the bridge and on the other side, you will find a hole in the floor. This takes you to the secret room where you can find the Blue Switch. Navigate your way around this stage and towards the end, you will find the Blue Switch and a transparent Blue Vanish Cap Block. Hit the Switch to make all Blue Vanish Cap Blocks solid.


Where to find the Green ! Switch – Metal Cap

To get the Metal Cap, you need to fist enter Course 6: Hazy Maze Cave. Head to the area where you find Nessie swimming around in a pool of water. This is where you would get the first star of the course. Ignore it though (unless you already have it) and use Nessie to reach a ledge that at the far side of the room. Enter the door here and there will be another pool of liquid metal, just like the entrance to Hazy Maze Cave itself.

You will be transported to an area on top of the waterfall, when you reach the river, jump over and head further inside the cave here, you will see a Green Switch and a transparent Green Metal Cap Block next to it. Make your way over to the Switch and jump on it to activate all the Green Metal Cap Blocks.

100 Coin Stars

On each of the main courses that have 6 Stars, there is actually a secret 7th one. In order to get it, you need to collect 100 coins to make it appear. These stars are slightly different from the others that you can collect. They don’t automatically take you out of the course when you collect them.


Unlimited lives

Head to the outside area of the castle and go to the area near the waterfall. Climb up the third tree from the waterfall and do a handstand on top of it. A 1-Up Mushroom will appear for you to grab. Return to the castle and go inside. Once inside the castle, immediately do a 180º and leave the castle again. Climb the tree again and there will be another 1-Up Mushroom. You can repeat this process as many times as you like for essentially unlimited lives.


1-Up butterflies

On courses 2, 12, and 13, butterflies may appear. if you slowly approach them and punch at them, they will turn into black bombs and follow you around until they explode. Sometimes they don’t explode and can turn into 1-Up Mushrooms.


1-Up In Third Bowser lair

Behind the top left pillar, there is a 1-Up Mushroom. The 1-Up Mushroom will return if you lose a life or return to the stage upon beating it.



To visit Yoshi, you need to collect all 120 Stars. Once you have them all, find where the grate used to be near the fish pond outside of the castle. You will find a hole that now has a cannon inside it. jump down the hole and into the cannon. Fire yourself onto the main roof of the castle (not the spire). Head around the back and you will find Yoshi waiting for you. Speak to him and he will give you up to 100 lives for the privilege and a special Triple-Jump move. Yoshi will then promptly turn around and leave


Alternate Bowser message

If you collect all 120 stars, return to the final fight with Bowser. he will have a different message for you.


Giant Penguin on Cool, Cool Mountain

After collecting all 120 stars, return to Course 4 (Cool, Cool Mountain). At the Star selection screen, choose the Big Penguin Race. When you start the level, go into the cabin via the chimney and you will get to race a penguin that is now larger than before.


Control Ending Sequence Camera

Once the game has been beaten, you can use the Joystick on a second N64 controller to move the camera in the scene between Mario and Princess Peach. You can also control the camera on the credits screen with a second controller as well.

Easy Healing

Mario can heal himself quickly in pools of water that he can submerge himself in. Jump into the water and then swim to the surface. As Mario’s health and oxygen bar are one and the same, it will replenish itself.

Tick Tock Clock – Time Control

The Tick Tock Clock course has a neat little trick to it. You can control the speed of the course’s gears by jumping into the portal at certain times.

Minute hand on 3 – The clock’s gears and platforms will move slowly.
Minute hand on 6 – The clock’s gears and platforms will move normally.
Minute hand on 9 – The clock’s gears and platforms will move quickly.
Minute hand on 12 – The clock’s gears and platforms will stop completely.

Wet Dry World – Raise/Lower Water Levels

Wet Dry World has a trick that allows you to raise and lower the water level on the course. It all depends on how high you jump into the portrait. A low jump will lower the water level to virtually nothing. A high jump through the top of the portrait will make the water level be at its highest. If you jump in about halfway into the portrait, the water level will be about halfway.

***** Super Mario 64 Secrets, Tips, and Tricks *****

Thank you for taking the time to read our Super Mario 64 Secrets, Tips, & Tricks. If you have come here because you are playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars and may possibly like to know Secrets, Tips & Tricks for the other games in the collection, we will be adding links to our guides to them here soon.

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