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Be it on Nintendo Switch or on mobile devices, the free-to-play Pokémon Café Mix is available now and in this gallery piece, we’re highlighting all known Generation IV Pokémon that can be obtained/have appeared in some form. Let’s go Sinnoh:


All Gen IV Pokémon in Pokémon Café Mix: (7)

Torterra (#389)

Appearance: Special Customer

Piplup (#393)

Appearance: Obtained in-game

PCM Staff (10)

Starly (#396)

Appearance: Obtained in-game

PCM Staff (26)

Buizel (#418)

Appearance: Obtained in-game

PCM Other (1)

Honchkrow (#430)

Appearance: Opening cutscene

PCM Staff (7)

Munchlax (#446)

Appearance: Obtained in-game

PCM Staff (16)

Lucario (#449)

Appearance: Obtained in-game

Holiday Lucario (#449)

Appearance: Special Customer

For help on obtaining the Pokémon shown above, why not check out Staff Pokémon Guide by clicking here!

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