Super Rare Games has announced the next game to join their ever growing library of Physical Switch Games that will be available to pre-order on August 13th from 6pm BST. The game is Chroma Squad and it will be priced at £27.00 + tax (approximately $31.00 / €33.00) and limited to 4,000 copies.

You can find out more about Chroma Squad in the official announcement below as well as what will be included in the physical edition.

Suit up, Switch squad – Chroma Squad gets a physical release next week!

Go, go, Power Rang– err, we mean, Chroma Squad!

Get suited and ready to kick bad guy butt with the tactical RPG Chroma Squad! Super Rare Games is proud to partner with Behold Studios to release this Power Rangers-inspired hit in physical form for the first time on the Nintendo Switch™.

Only 4,000 copies will be available worldwide – pre-orders for the game open on August 13th at 6pm BST (10am PT/1pm ET) for £27 + tax (approx ($31 USD/33€) – exclusively at
The Super Rare edition also includes a full colour manual, interior artwork, exclusive sticker, as well as three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set.
Our PB#9 multi-game bundle, available now, includes Chroma Squad, Old School Musical, and the SteamWorld Collection – these bundles are the easiest way for collectors to secure every Super Rare release and saves on shipping!

About Chroma Squad

Customize your TV studio: hire actors, upgrade your gear, do marketing, craft weapons, costumes and giant cardboard robots!
📺 Tactical RPG combat with a twist: combine your heroes’ abilities with Teamwork maneuvers!
📺 In-depth RPG systems with skill trees, random equipment, crafting, and branching storyline with 3 different endings!
📺 Giant Mecha combat – destroy the city to save the city!
📺 A love letter to Power Rangers, Tokusatsu and the Japanese series of our childhoods!
📺 Deliciously-animated pixel art and a chiptune soundtrack that shines like justice!

Source: Super Rare Games PR

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