Paper Mario: The Origami King not only has a whole load of collectibles to find but it also has its own number of Trophies that you can achieve. The Paper Mario: The Origami King Trophies can’t be found but earned. After earning a trophy, they will be displayed in the Musée Champignon in the same room as the Collectible Treasures you find.

There are 15 Trophies to earn in total and we have listed all those that we are currently aware of below.

Paper Mario: The Origami King Trophies

  • Win 200 battles
  • Collect 300,000 coins
  • Hit every ? Block
  • Catch the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper
  • Beat the Ring Arena in the Great Sea
  • Clear every level of The Ringer
  • Clear 16 levels in Speed Rings at the Battle Lab
  • Collect every coin on Eddy River
  • Get 100 points in expert mode at the Shuriken Dojo
  • Get a perfect score in Shy Guys finish Last
  • Complete the art Gallery collection
  • Get every Origami Toad form
  • Get every Collectible Treasure
  • Complete the Origami character gallery
  • Complete the sound gallery collection

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