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With the Summer Update now available for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there is a new theme of DIY Recipes to collect. The Mermaid DIY Recipes are given to you by Pascal the Otter. He will give you a recipe once a day, should you let him keep a Scallop that you have found. To craft the recipes you will need shells that can be found on the peach and one important material… Pearls.


Pearls can be quite difficult to find but not impossible. You can find them on the seafloor or Pascal can give them to you outside of the Summer Season or if he doesn’t have any more recipes or clothing to give you (at least, for the moment).

Mermaid DIY Recipes

There are 14 Mermaid DIY Recipes in total. We have taken screenshots of all the recipes from the DIY Workbench so you can see what materials are required to craft them. We have listed all of the Mermaid DIY Recipes below along with the gallery of our screenshots for each item.

Mermaid Bed – 2x Pearl, 2x Giant Claim, 5x Sand Dollar
Mermaid Chair –
 1x Pearl, 1x Giant Clam, 2x Sand Dollar
Mermaid Closet – 2x Pearl, 1 Giant Clam, 2x Coral, 5x Sand Dollar
Mermaid Dresser – 2x Pearl, 1x Giant Clam, 3x Coral
Mermaid Flooring – 2x Pearl, 5x Sand Dollar, 5x Stone
Mermaid Lamp – 1x Pearl, 3x Conch, 2x Coral, 2x Iron Nugget
Mermaid Table – 1x Pearl, 4x Sand Dollar
Mermaid Rug – 1x Pearl, 3x Sand Dollar
Mermaid Screen – 2x Pearl, 3x Giant Clam, 5x Sand Dollar
Mermaid Shelf – 1x Pearl, 1x Giant Clam, 4x Coral
Mermaid Sofa – 1x Pearl, 10x Sand Dollar
Mermaid Vanity – 1x Pearl, 1x Giant Clam, 2x Coral, 2x Iron Nugget
Mermaid Wall –
 2x Pearl, 2x Sea Snail, 2x Sand Dollar, 2x Coral, 2x Giant Clam, 2x Cowrie
Mermaid Wall Clock – 1x Pearl, 3x Sea Snail, 2x Coral, 2x Iron Nugget

You can click on any of the thumbnails below to enlarge the image

Mermaid Gifts

There are 4 different Mermaid gifts that can also come in different colors, we have them listed here.

Mermaid Fishy Dress (Blue, Pink)
Mermaid Princess Dress
(Blue, Pink)
Mermaid Shoes (Blue, Pink)
Mermaid Tiara

Mermaid DIY Recipes


Diving For Sea Creatures & Meeting Pascal Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VC7oqL1H0g&t=160s

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