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Alright, you landlubbers, after three and a half months of island life with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s time to ditch those shores we have come to call home and be welcomed by the sea with open arms.

The first of two Summer updates is available now and we want to take this moment to talk about the swimming, diving, and wet suit aspects of the new content. Let’s dive in and make a splash shall we?

Section 1: How Soon Can I Start Swimming  and Diving?

As soon as the Version 1.3.0 update is downloaded, Swimming and Diving are open to the player immediately, but even though Nintendo gifts players with a Snorkel (the colour can vary), you won’t be able to make a splash just yet, until you get a wetsuit.

Section 2: How do I obtain a Wet suit?

Currently, there are two ways to obtain a wet suit, the quickest being you going to Nook’s Corner and purchasing a wetsuit from Timmy and Tommy.

The other means of obtaining a wet suit, is to use the Nook Terminal. With this option you can either redeem 800 Nook Miles for the Nook inc. Wet Suit, or buy one via Nook Shopping. Of course, once you have made your purchase, you will need to wait for the item or items, to be delivered to you the next day.

Section 3: List of Available Wet suits Types

The following wet suits can be obtained in-game:


Horizontal-striped wet suit

Price: 3,000 Bells

Means of Purchase: Nook’s Corner

Colour: Can vary


Leaf-print wet suit

Price: 3,000 Bells

Means of Purchase: Nook Terminal (Nook Shopping)

Colour: Can vary


Nook inc. wet suit

Price: 800 Nook Miles

Means of Purchase: Nook Terminal (Redeem Nook Miles)

Nook Wet Suit

Section 4: Is the Snorkel necessary for Swimming and Diving?

Snorkels are purely cosmetic, and should you wish to wear one that wasn’t gifted to you by Nintendo, players can redeem 500 Nook Miles for a Nook inc. snorkel.

Nook Snorkel

As regards to the Snorkel that Nintendo sends you in the post, the color is random. You can also purchase the Snorkel again via Nook Shopping (in the clothing section of items you have bought already) for 700 Bells.

Section 5: What do I do Once I have a Wet suit?

Well, it’s time to hit the beach and explore the surrounding seas! There is plenty to sea and do!

Section 6: How does Swimming and Diving Work?

To swim, players must approach the water’s edge and press the A button. You can enter the water from the beach, or dive off rocks. You will need to make sure your player isn’t holding an item in their hand.

Once in the water, players will need to press A repeatedly to swim and when they come to a point of interest, (bubbles at the surface,) press the Y button to dive.

If you fail to dive directly on top of the item/sea creature of interest, whilst beneath the surface, players can remain underwater for a brief moment of time and swim over to the hot spot.

You’ll know you’ve done it correctly because, after a brief couple of seconds, your villager will surface with their discovery. What’s more, you are free to dive wherever you choose, so you’re not limited to just diving when near interesting objects.

Section 7: How many Sea Creatures are there to Discover?

With this new update, there are atotal of 40 Sea Creatures to discover, which can of course be obtained and taken to Blathers at the Museum. They also add a new page to the Critterpedia.


Section 8: What Else can you do with the New Summer Update?

Firstly, players can meet the returning NPC Pascal, whom can bestow upon them DIY Recipes to craft Mermaid-themed furniture. He’ll also trade you hard to find Pearls for any Scallops you are lucky enough to find.

Players will also be able to have new encounters with Gulliver, who is now dressed as a pirate.



We hope you found this guide helpful.

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