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Over the Summer months, you will find another shipwrecked sailor wash up on your Island’s shores from time to time. We are of course referring to the roguish sea captain Gullivarrr (not to be mistaken for Gulliver, though technically, it is still Gulliver). Captain Gullivarrr is dressed in Pirate attire and finds himself in a predicament not too dissimilar to that of Gulliver the sailor. We have put together our very own Captain Gullivarrr Pirate Rewards Guide to aid you as you help Captain Gullivarrr.


Captain Gullivarrr needs help contacting his shipmates but not because he needs parts for his communicator but because he has lost his communicator completely. If you agree to help him, he will tell you that he must have lost it at sea. Search the ocean floor for bubbles and shadows and you will eventually find the Communicator.

When you return the Communicator to Captain Gullivarrr, he will call up his shipmates, and thank you for your help. He will also send you an item in the mail the next day. What he sends you in the mail seems to be pirate-themed. You can get yourself a cool looking Pirate Hat, Eye Patch, Pirate Coat, etc.

The following is a list of items that can be rewarded to you by Captain Gullivarrr. There are 19 items in total and after collecting them all, you can start to collect duplicate items of different colours.

Captain Gullivarrr Pirate Rewards

Pirate Bandana –  (Black, Blue, Red)
Pirate Barrel
Pirate Beard
Pirate Boots
Pirate Dress –
(Black, Blue, Red)
Pirate Eye Patch
Pirate Flooring

Pirate Hat
Pirate Outfit –
(Black, Blue, Red)
Pirate Rug
Pirate Pants
Pirate-Ship Cannon
Pirate-Ship Helm

Pirate Treasure Chest
Pirate Treasure Robe
Pirate Wall
Sea Captain’s Coat –
(Black, Blue, Red)
Sideways Pirate Barrel

Gullivarrr Pirate Rewards


Link to our YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wanry5Q-uMA

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