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Pokémon Café Mix is finally here and it is time to whip up some tasty treats for some hungry and thirsty Pokémon. If you have yet to play or are starting out, we have put together this guide to give you a peek at the menu you can be serving up:


Pokémon Café Mix Menu Items:

PCM Offering (1)

Eevee Latte (Category: Drinks)

PCM Offering (2)

Lilligant Floral Tea (Category: Drinks)

PCM Offering (3)

Fluffy Eevee Pancakes (Category: Sweets)

PCM Offering (4)

Dugtrio Sandwich Trio (Category: Small plates)

PCM Offering (5)

Nutty Buneary Frappé (Category: Drinks)

PCM Offering (6)

Yummy Yamper Pasta (Category: Small plates)

PCM Offering (7)

Combee Waffles with Honey (Category: Sweets)

PCM Offering (8)

Hot Litwick Cocoa (Category: Drinks)

PCM Offering (9)

Cheesy Rowlet Pizza (Category: Small plates)

PCM Offering (10)

Poppin’ Pachirisu Float (Category: Drinks)

PCM Offering (11)

Piquant Pikachu Curry (Category: Entrées)

PCM Offering (12)

Swablu Shaved Ice (Category: Sweets)

PCM Offering (13)

Burnt-Caramel Vulpix Sundae (Category: Sweets)

PCM Offering (14)

Gratin a la Pumpkaboo (Category: Entrées)

PCM Offering (15)

Rainbow Oricorio Popcorn (Category: Small plates)

PCM Offering (16)

Decorated Alcremie Cupcakes (Category: Sweets)

PCM Offering (17)

Gossifleur Combo Plate (Category: Entrées)

PCM Offering (18)

Miltank Mix au Lait (Category: Drinks)

PCM Offering (19)

Eiscue Caprese Salad (Category: Small plates)

PCM Offering (20)

Rimbombee Chocolate Cake (Category: Sweets)

PCM Offering (21)

Bouncy Brionne Soda (Category: Drinks)

PCM Offering (22)

Pikachu Fruit Flan (Category: Sweets)

PCM Offering (23)

Happy Snorlax Loco Moco (Category: Entrées)

Teddiursa Iced Coffee (Category: Drinks)

Torchic Rice over Omelet (Category: Entrées)

Scorbunny Berry Sandwich (Category: Sweets)

Chikorita Bruschetta (Category: Small plates)

Sneasel Burger with Pickles (Category: Small plates)

Cheesy Whimsicott Meatloaf (Category: Entrées)

Sylveon Custard Slice (Sweets)

Playful Pancham Fried Rice (Entrées)

Furret Roasted Tea Latte (Drinks)

As for how to unlock these menu offerings, we have the following information here:

  • Order #6 (Tea shelf)  Lilligant Floral Tea (New Menu Item)
  • Order #11 (Whipped-cream dispenser)  Fluffy Eevee Pancakes (New Menu Item)
  • Order #16 (Tomato planters)  Dugtrio Sandwich Trio (New Menu Item)
  • Order #21 (Nut tree)  Nutty Buneary Frappé (New Menu Item)
  • Order #31 (Bottle of oil)  Yummy Yamper Pasta (New Menu Item)
  • Order #41 (Honey pot)  Combee Waffles with Honey (New Menu Item)
  • Order #51 (Marshmallow jar)  Hot Litwick Cocoa (New Menu Item)
  • Order #56 (Cheese cabinet)  Cheesy Rowlet Pizza (New Menu Item)
  • Order #61 (Soda maker)  Poppin’ Pachirisu Float (New Menu Item)
  • Order #71 (Veggie crate)  Piquant Pikachu Curry (New Menu Item)
  • Order #81 (Shaved-ice machine)  Swablu Shaved Ice (New Menu Item)
  • Order #91 (Caramel jar)  Burnt-Caramel Vulpix Sundae (New Menu Item)
  • Order #101 (Pumpkin garden)  Gratin a la Pumpkaboo (New Menu Item)
  • Order #121 (Popcorn Machine)  Rainbow Oricorio Popcorn (New Menu Item)
  • Order #141 (Piping-bag stand)  Decorated Alcremie Cupcakes (New Menu Item)
  • Order #161 (Hand blender)  Gossifleur Combo Plate (New Menu Item)
  • Order #181 (Shaker)  Milktank Mix au Lait (New Menu Item)
  • Order #201 (Olive tree)  Eiscue Caprese Salad (New Menu Item)
  • Order #231 (Cacao)  Ribombee Chocolate Cake (New Menu Item)
  • Order #261 (Gummy jar)  Bouncy Brionne Soda (New Menu Item)
  • Order #291 (Canned-fruit rack)  Pikachu Fruit Flan (New Menu Item)
  • Order #331 (Egg basket)  Happy Snorlax Loco Moco (New Menu Item)
  • Order #371 (Coffee grinder)  Teddiursa Iced Coffee (New Menu Item)
  • Order #411 (Tomato pureé)  Torchic Rice over Omelet (New Menu Item)
  • Order #451 (Strawberry basket)  Scorbunny Berry Sandwich (New Menu Item)
  • Order #501 (Potted basil)  Chikorita Bruschetta (New Menu Item)
  • Order #551 (Pickle jar)  Sneasel Burger with Pickles (New Menu Item)
  • Order #601 (Parchment paper)  Cheesy Whimsicott Meatloaf (New Menu Item)
  • Order #651 (Butter churner)  Sylveon Custard Slice (New Menu Item)
  • Order #701 (Salt and pepper shaker)  PlayfulFurret Roasted Tea Latte (New Menu Item)
  • Order #751 (Tea tin)  Furret Roasted Tea Latte (New Menu Item)

In addition to the regular menu items, however, as we have learned from the current Halloween event, there is also a different kind of menu items, the first of which you can learn about here:


Pokémon Café Mix Halloween Themed Menu Items:

Mimikyu Frightful Feast (Category: None)

We hope you found this guide helpful!

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