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Pokémon Café Mix is out now on Nintendo Switch! The Free-to-play game is only available to play in handheld mode. We have recorded 10 minutes of Pokémon Café Mix gameplay which you can check out below. Please forgive the relatively poor footage, it was recorded with Motorola Moto G5.

In Pokémon Café Mix, you get to run your own Café. Join up Pokémon Icons to whip up tasty drinks and treats to serve to your Pokémon customers! Some Pokémon that you befriend will also join you as staff!

Pokémon Café Mix Gameplay (Handheld Mode)

If you would like to see what can be achieved in just one hour of playing the game. We have a gallery of screenshots that you can check out. They are in much better quality than our handheld footage, don’t worry. In just one hour, you can unlock around 6 Pokémon Staff, complete 26 orders, and bump up your range of products from 1-5!

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