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Once more the time has come to boot up Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, for another two Mystery Gifts are available now via the internet, with one such gift bestowing upon players a Galarian Corsola that has the Hidden Ability Cursed Body.

It is said, “If a Pokémon with the Cursed Body Ability is hit by a move that deals damage, Cursed Body has a 30 percent chance of disabling that move! This renders the move unusable for four turns.”

Galarian Corsola is Level 15 and knows the following moves: Tackle, Astonish, Disable and Spite. As for the second available Mystery Gift, it is a set of evolution items, consisting of:

  • Whipped Dream x1
  • Sachet x1
  • Sweet Apple x1
  • Tart Apple x1
  • Cracked Pot x1
  • Chipped Pot x1


A video of obtaining both gifts can be seen here:

For details on the next lot of Mystery Gifts that are set to grace Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield in the following week, click here.

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