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Super Mario Maker 2 has received its final content update in the form of version 3.0.0. It brings some new features as well like allowing players to create their own Super Worlds and add their courses to it, the Koopaling has come to wreak havoc in your courses, the Mechakoopa has also been added as well as a whole bunch of power-ups like the Frog Suit and the SMB2 Mushroom.

Whilst the Super World can use any and all of your courses, regardless of theme, the new power-ups are only available in certain themes. The Frog Suit, for example, can only be used in the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme. The Super Balloon is only usable in the Super Mario World theme, and so on.

In the Q & A section of Super Mario Maker 2, it lists in a table what parts are usable in what theme, as well as how to rotate map pieces in Super World and other common questions that players may have. We have taken a series of screenshots of the Q & A guide for Ver. 3.0.0 and stitched them together into one image. Y

Super Mario Maker 2 3.0.0 Q and A

Source: Super Mario Maker 2 in-game Q & A section

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