The 3rd Anniversary Feh Channel has just concluded! Special illustrations celebrating the games 3rd Anniversary have been released. In this post we’ve gathered the ones shown in the video and they’ll be showcased in the gallery below.

Third-Anniversary Illustrations!

We’ve received some celebratory illustrations from many illustrators in honor of the third anniversary of the release of the Fire Emblem Heroes game!


PenekoR (п猫R)

Suekane Kumiko (スエカネクミコ)

Mikuro (みく郎)

Wada Sachiko (ワダサチコ)

Yamada Kotaro (山田孝太郎)

Yoshiku (四々九)

Okuma Yugo (大熊ゆうご)

Soeda Ippei (添田一平)

Itagaki Hako (板垣ハコ)

Kita Senri (北千里)

Asatani Tomoyo (麻谷知世)


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