For those that enjoy playing videogames, there has probably been a point in your life where you couldn’t afford to buy your own video games console. I have been in a similar position myself and there were periods growing up, where my brother and I had resorted to using Nintendo emulators in order to play some of our favourite retro titles. It also provided an opportunity to play games we missed out on when they first released as well.

Whilst I am glad to finally be in a position as an adult where I can purchase and play games rightfully and help support the developers who created these games, Emulators did help me rekindle my love for some of my favourite classic games. Without them, I may not have got back into gaming and may have drifted away from it completely. That said, there is a very fine line between using emulators and downloading ROMs. Downloading and using emulators is not illegal as it uses its own software to provide emulation of ROM files. Downloading ROM files however, is illegal as it is pirated software being distributed and used without the property owner’s consent. It is no different from downloading movies or music online through unauthorised sources. It is illegal and does bear a penalty if caught.

For some people though, Emulation is the only way to play some of their favourite games. These games may no longer be available to purchase in stores, they may live in a country where Nintendo Hardware is not distributed and is very difficult to get their hands on it. Some people genuinely love playing games but do not have the means to support game developers in the official, intended sense. In such cases, Emulation is the only means available for people to enjoy an extensive library of games they would otherwise not have access to.


When it comes to video game emulation, most people have access to a PC or laptop. Not all PC’s are readily prepared to run emulators without the required driver pack. Computer programs like these easily interact with the device you use. If your PC or Laptop is now prepared for Video games Emulation, you may want to check out the options available.


This is a great Nintendo emulator that comes along with a crossed platform support. With this emulator, gamers can enjoy playing their favorite games on different platforms. It provides users such a polished interface to play a variety of classic games.


This emulator supports a variety of platforms like the Web, Linux, Windows, Android, and macOS.

Downloadable Free Via:


This is the best choice for individuals looking for more advanced tools like the hex editor, debugging mode, and also video recording. This is your choice if you think of more than just enjoying your games, and you think of messing up with ROM hacking and speed run videos.

Downloadable Free Via:



Among the standout PC emulator, gamers should consider the Citra type. It works best for Mac and Windows. You can find this standalone version application right from It is purely accessible for free, and many people significantly prefer it.


It supports multiple platforms like, for instance, on Mac OS X, Windows and also Linux.

The application is available via


This is the best option for Duos. This type of emulator can effectively satisfy DS emulator fundamental needs. Using this emulator appears tricksome to many users, but then, everything shall work best for you after locating the correct settings.


The emulator supports both the codes and cheats.

Users can load and save games with ease.

Downloadable Free Via:


This is a series of emulators that have gone viral to gamers all over. The emulator has made efforts to maximize fidelity fully to the original market machines. It is known to offer better emulation performance as such. It is the choice for many as it supports all existing Gameboy flavors and DS emulation. It is an excellent backup emulator for those who have emulators that have found it hard to run.


Supports Linux, Windows, and macOS

Downloadable Free Via:



This is the best choice of working best for Windows. It is featured to play all Nintendo games with sound copying and microphone calmly. They have the best of best sound production for games and ROMs, and it plays most games best on Windows 10.

With this type of emulator, gamers are most likely to enjoy playing both the homebrew and business games without any chances of lags and crashes. Those who have used this emulator can prove the conventional presentation it provides its users. You also have got the opportunity to evaluate some highlights like, for instance, the outer gamepad support and the cheat codes to enhance your gaming knowledge and skills more legitimate and charming all times.


It supports highlighting cheat codes.

The emulator is compatible with Linux, Windows, and iOS

Downloadable Via:


This type of emulator acts as the best and genuine Gameboy emulator. The emulator recognizes well all the expectations of the users from it successfully adapts to its undertakings. This is the best emulator type that is fit to run most users requesting games quickly on Windows PCs. It is very undemanding in the necessities of different equipment, and in the meantime, it renders its users excellent illustrations.

To add something about this emulator, it gloats highlights like, for instance of the various ROMs existing reading options, the multiplayer support, and the gamepad support.


With the help of this emulator, you can load and save a game.

It supports the gamepad fully.

Downloadable Via:


From the provided list of some of the best Nintendo emulators we have, RetroArch has been provided thumbs up as being the choice of many people at large. It has a quite easy to use interface to play classic games.

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