To conclude this weeks Mobile News Round-Up we got updates for Dr. Mario World & Mario Kart Tour! New characters, events, and more are now happening in both games.

Dr. Mario World


This week Dr. Mario World saw a version update that addressed many of the games issues since it’s launch. New levels have been added and brand new doctors & assistants as well! Get ready to explore the Galaxy as World 8 is added to the game with the inclusion of Dr. Rosalina & Dr. Luma.

Mario Kart Tour:


This week in Mario Kart Tour the arrival of the second part of the New York Tour has begun. A brand new spotlight for Musician Mario is now taking place in the game alongside brand new New York Tour challenges. Be fast though as these are set to end in October 9th when a new tour will begin.

Are you excited to try out these new characters in both games? Let us know! This wraps up our weekly Mobile news round-up for this week. We will see you all next week!


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