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Hey folks! Another new change to Miketendo64, is we will be rounding up the weekly Mobile news into 1-2 articles as opposed to the many that we do daily that clutters up our followers’ email inboxes. While there will still be so much to cover in these articles, we will highlight our favorite news headlines and announcements and share them with you in a much simpler and hopefully easier to digest format.

Kicking off the first of many Weekly Mobile News Round-ups, we have new events going on in both Pokémon Masters & Dragalia Lost!

Pokemon Masters:


First up, the Launch Celebration Rally taking place in Pokémon Masters! To celebrate the launch of this brand new game, a series of special missions and a daily login bonus is taking place. You can receive 1,000 gems just for starting the game with up to an additional 2,000 Via the login bonus. A special guaranteed 5-star Summoning event is also taking place if you buy 3,000 paid gems. These events will last till October 17th.


The games first event, Reach for the Top was also announced to begin on September 2nd. While details aren’t known on what it will contain, we do know it’ll feature special story segments with Blue and other Sync Pairs. We’ve written a guide on how you should best prepare for it: [Guide] Pokémon Masters: Preparing for the Story Event: Reach for the Top!


Dragalia Lost:

Next up for Dragalia Lost, we have a brand new Raid event revival in the form of the Lunar New Year themed Raid Skyborne Spectacle! New players who may have missed out on this event the first time can look forward to a brand new free dragon and adventurer. A new Nightmare difficulty has been added to the Raid boss with this revival event. The event runs until September 11th at 11:00PM (PT).



Hey there! I’m Su Fang.

Have you heard of the Lunar New Year? It’s almost upon us— why not come to our town to check it out?

We’ve got meat buns, spring rolls, and beautiful pyroblossom fireworks! …Wait, we can’t make pyroblossoms this year? Oh no! What happened to our source of mana?!

“Let’s whup that fiend so we can make some pyroblossoms!”

A brand new Summon Showcase event, Windswept Warriors, brings new characters to the game alongside this event. Full details on these new units can be found in the official Windswept Warriors Summon Showcase Video below:

Well that’s all the news we have for you all this week. We may add more to this article over the coming days so be sure to come back for the latest news.

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

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