Hey folks! Another new change to Miketendo64, is we will be rounding up the weekly Mobile news into 1-2 articles as opposed to the many that we do daily that clutters up our followers’ email inboxes. While there will still be so much to cover in these articles, we will highlight our favorite news headlines and announcements and share them with you in a much simpler and hopefully easier to digest format.

Kicking off the first of many Weekly Mobile News Round-ups, we have new events going on in Animal Crossing: Pocket CampDr Mario World! We also got word of the release date for Mario Kart Tour!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp:


First up, some brand new events are taking place on the campground! A new Gardening event, City Slickin with Kicks, is now available. In this event you’ll earn rewards for catching different types of butterflies for Kicks! Just head to your campground and head over to the garden to initiate this event. The Second half begins tonight as of this post and will add in some new creatures to catch!


Another brand new seasonal event, Fetching Fall Leaves, is also on now! Pick up autumn offerings to obtain furniture with a relaxing seasonal vibe, including an autumn maple tree that glows at night! Earn Fall Leaves via upcoming events (like the current gardening event) and you’ll earn special Autumn themed offerings.

Dr Mario World:


A brand new event has started in the world of Dr. Mario World! Eliminate the Viruses has you slaying certain amounts of Virus in order to obtain different rewards! You can unlock some additional power-ups, coins, & even a staffing ticket! Be fast though, this event will end in 4 days as of this post.

Mario Kart Tour:


The Final piece of news for this weeks Mobile News Round-Up pertains to Mario Kart Tour! The game has now been officially announced, with a brand new trailer and a release date. Pre-Registration for the game is now open on both iOS & Android Devices.



Google Play

Well that’s all the news we have for you all this week. We may add more to this article over the coming days so be sure to come back for the latest news.

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!


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