Team GO Rocket continues their takeover in Pokémon GO by now taking the official twitter account hostage! Team GO Rocket has left a message on an impending takeover of all Pokestops that is scheduled for today. Have yet to find them and capture a shadow Pokémon? Don’t miss out!

Checkout our guide if you have yet to encounter shadow Pokémon! [Guide] How to encounter Team Go Rocket, Shadow Pokémon, & Purification in Pokémon GO


For three years we have been watching. The world of Pokémon GO is rife with unlimited resources. This privilege is wasted on Trainers like you who lack the vision to exploit this vast world of resources and Pokémon.

You walk around and spin your PokéStops like this is some kind of game. You battle in your Gyms and rejoice when they change colors. You care for Pokémon as though they’re something more than tools! What a waste of potential!

We’ve brought our Shadow Pokémon, strengthened to unimaginable levels that you could never reach through powering up alone. We’re here to take over your PokéStops and steal from their unlimited supply of resources. Can’t you see the beauty of our evil?

This is just the beginning. Your resources are our resources. Your Pokémon are our Pokémon. Your world is our world! You can’t stop us. Professor Willow, Spark, Blanche, Candela, and most of all, you—stay out of our way!

We follow the villainous path of those before us—and we will succeed in finally bringing Giovanni’s vision to the world! If you insist on trying to disrupt our plans, we will make you feel a world of pain! – Team GO Rocket


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