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Due to a lot of interest in our Banjo-Kazooie T-shirts, we are sharing the image so that anyone can download it and print their own T-shirts. Even though we composed the image, we do not own or claim to own the actual assets themselves in the image.

Much like any composer who writes music, the interpretation is theirs but they didn’t create the notes or the chords that were used to compose the music. They do however, arrange the notes in a way to create something of their own. It’s not quite as simple or straightforward when it comes to Intellectual Properties and there are laws in place that forbid the selling of merchandise without proper licencing from respective owners.

To get around this we are simply offering you the image for free so you can print your own Banjo-Kazooie T-shirts at a printing outlet close to you. There’s no strings attached and as we are not selling the image we aren’t breaking any laws ourselves, as far as we know anyway.

We recommend printing on a white T-shirt using Dye Sublimation. The image will be printed into the very fabric itself and will last a long time. Transfers may be cheaper but it is like putting a big sticker in your chest. They are also much harder to wash as the transfer can peel away or crack up. By downloading the image, you are not limited to just T-shirts. You can print it on Hoodies, Coffee mugs, Bags and more.

To save the image, right-click on your computer and go to save image as. On Mobile it should be a case of holding the down on the screen until a prompt comes up to download.

Banjo-Kazooie T-shirt Image

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