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The final splatfest is almost upon us and with it a brand new Shifty Station map! Team Chaos vs Team Order will battle it out on July 18th in a 72 hour Splatfest event! [Video] Splatoon 2 – Final Splatfest Announcement – Nintendo Switch

This new Shifty Station may seem familiar to most, well, it’s based off the Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion DLC! Fans may see familiar elements used in the expansion such as Hyper splatbombs, Killer Wails, and Inklings may even see an appearance by DJ Hyperfresh & MC. Princess. This special map will appear the final 24 hours of the event.



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  • Sort of hoping they might do a discount on the Octo Expansion DLC at the same time. It’ll be fun to play the Shifty Stations I missed from the first year of Splatfests. #M64JuneGiveaway

    • We’re surprised that Nintendo haven’t offered it a discount already. The Octo Expansion has been out over a year now.

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