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With the release of Team Sonic Racing coming this week, SEGA have released a new video titled “Team Sonic Racing – Character Types Spotlight. The video shows off the advantages of the different character types. The three character types are Speed, Power and Technique.

We have a summary of each character type below.


  • Racers include; Sonic, Shadow, Blaze, Metal Sonic & Amy.
  • Higher top speed.
  • Can cast radial burst to destroy incoming projectiles.
  • Able to pick up and use exclusive item Burst.


  • Racers include; Big, Knuckles, Zavok, Vector & Omega.
  • Can smash through objects without losing speed and earn bonus rings.
  • Has a higher defense.
  • Can speed ahead with added boost.
  • Can pick up exclusive items Spikes and Void.


  • Racers include; Eggman, Chao, Silver, Tails & Rouge.
  • Improved handling, more precise corner turns.
  • Attracts Power Rings like a magnet.
  • Can drive over difficult terrain with minimal speed loss.
  • ┬áCan pick up and use the exclusive item Rhythm.


If you would like to watch the new Team Sonic Racing – Character Type Spotlight video, you can check it out below.

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