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Developer: Magic & Wires

Publisher: Magic & Wires

Platform: iOS / Android

Review Version: iOS version 1.2

Category: Gaming Utilities

Release Date: September 1, 2018 (EU & NA)



Keep track of your collection and wishlist all in one place.


SwitchList.app, which is available in the browser, as well as, as a native application for iOS and Android is one of my new favorite apps. The app keeps track of your game collection and wishlist, while also giving you highlighted sales, a full game database, and more.

If you are like me, or many of the other reviewers at miketendo64.com, keeping track of your Switch library can be a daunting task. Also, since the Switch’s wishlist system is buried within your profile on the eShop it can be somewhat cumbersome to have to always check to see if games you are looking forward to playing are on sale or not.

With SwitchList.app you can set up a free profile to keep track of your collection of Switch titles. You can also set up a wishlist and get notifications when games go on sale or are live in the eShop for pre-purchase or purchase.


There is a database, which you can search for titles for released or upcoming games. The amiibo tab lets you keep track of your amiibo collection, review amiibo and see comments others have left about that character. On the Top Games section you can see which game was voted game of the day, what games are most wanted overall, most pre-ordered games, top rated, top viewed, and more.

The recommendations area which uses the games in your collection and compiles a list of recommended games for you based off of games you say you own. The lists here use your owned games as well as the review score you give them to figure out what games you may be interested in.

My Games is a listing of your owned games. Here you can mark games you have completed, rate the games you own (which helps in finding recommendations for you and others). If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the My Games list you can see how many games you own, what percentage of Switch games you own, and somewhat disheartening the amount of money your collection is worth.


Along with those stats, you can see how much space your collection would take up in MB, as well as how many hours it would take to complete those games in your list. The My List area is where you can create your own list, outside of My Collection and Wishlist, and share those with others. This is a great place to compile a list for a friend or maybe a family member for a holiday wishlist.

Your profile tab shows you your followers, if you are following anyone, comments you have left, and other information. This section also displays your achievements which the site and app have for various unlockables. Achievements that I have include rating a game, voting in a poll, leaving comments, and more.

The sales tab shows you all the games that are currently on sale in the NA eShop for the Nintendo Switch. This tab is probably my most frequented, especially coupled with my wish list and the Pro level notifications I get via email and on my phone.


On the News tab, you can scroll through some curated articles from Nintendo Everything and Nintendo Soup as well as other websites. The articles do link out to their respective sites, so it’s easy to read and then go back later to the news feed.

The SwitchList.app app and website, do have an active chat client built in, which is a cool way for the community to talk about games, news, topics, and more. Hopefully, as the community grows more people use the chat feature to ask the community for recommendations, help beating games, and just general water cooler conversation.

If there are some qualms I have with the app and the website it’s mostly in the visual design and layout of the various tabs and lists that bother me. Overall, the design is very basic, using a darker style to the overall feel without much in terms of visual identity or text hierarchy. But as a pure database/list application the simplistic nature of the app does help get you right to the things you want and need in curating what can amount to hundreds if not thousands of games.


Without a doubt, the SwitchList.app app and website fill a void that the Nintendo Switch eShop and Nintendo’s own website really lacks in. Having the ability to keep your collection and wishlist all in one place, notifications via email for pro members, and a recommendations area are more than enough for me.

SwitchList.app really is my go-to list for curating games and sharing those that I love with the community through ratings, comments, and the in-app chat section. If you want to keep organized and be notified of upcoming sales and games, check out SwitchList.app or visit the iOS and Android stores to download the app to your smartphone.





*A Pro Subscription to SwitchList.app app was Provided by the SwitchList.app team

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