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Sniper Elite V2 Remastered  nintendo switch review

Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: RebellionInteract
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Version Reviewed: eShop download
Category: Action, Adventure
No. of Players: up to 8 players
Release Date: May 14, 2019 (EU & NA)
Price: $34.99 USD



Originally a 2012 PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U release game from Rebellion Interact, Sniper Elite V2 a third-person tactical WW2 shooter, was moderately received at launch. Now seven years later the game is getting a remastered edition which is coming to all current generation systems, including the Nintendo Switch.


You play, mainly, as Lieutenant Karl Fairburne, an American OSS officer who is a very skilled sniper trekking through Berlin in 1945. Along the way, you will infiltrate Nazi German compounds en route to displace enemy soldiers, destroy facilities, and take out high profile members of the Nazi regime.

The game references Operation Paperclip and Operation Overcast, as its source material and has you going up against both Soviet and Nazi forces as you attempt to sabotage the development of the V-2 ballistic missile.

One mission has you going to Berlin to assassinate Major-General Hans von Eisenberg before he attempts to defect to the Soviets. Shortly thereafter, you’re given a mission to eliminate a Nazi scientist being led out of the city in a convoy. Along the way, you learn of the V-2 rocket program and the locations of other scientists.

From there you work to locate the remaining scientist and eliminate them, on such mission has you infiltrating a tower during a bombing run where the timing of your kills needs to correspond with the bombs exploding so you do not give away your position. Your missions are carried out in a mostly linear fashion, though the way in which you decide to engage with the enemy is entirely up to you.


Sniper Elite V2 Remaster is a by the numbers shooter game in which you are tasked with an overall mission objective, either taking out targets or blowing things to smithereens and during gameplay, you will encounter the Nazi and Soviet first line of defense, the easy to pick off foot soldiers, and the more adept enemy snipers. Some missions throw in vehicle tanks and trucks that you will need to negotiate with, and by negotiate I mean attach a bomb to the front and blow it up.

As you slink your way through the city streets you can choose to be stealthy and get behind your enemies and get a silent kill or mark targets with your binoculars and track their position. The games focus on choosing your mark and the best time to shoot is one of its strongest assets. This game is by far more tactical in nature than your run and gun shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Along with tactically setting up your shot, there is the game’s slow motion x-ray kill cam. These shots show your long distance sniping coursing through an enemies body, shattering bones, combusting organs, and shredding out the backside.

You get points based off of the distance and spectacle of the shot, and double or triple points if you manage to get a multi-kill. Multi-kills can happen if you get lucky enough to strike two soldiers with one bullet. Sniper Elite V2 does let you target grenades which when struck can explode and kill groups of soldiers if they are standing together.


Sniper Elite V2s has ten main missions and a DLC extra mission Assassinate the Fuhrer included in the remastered version. Each mission length can vary and depending on your skillset you may die a lot along the way.

Thankfully, autosave points happen frequently enough, typically after larger set pieces of after an enemy wave is taken out. Some missions took me almost an hour to complete with the amount of times I died and just the slower pace at which you move around.

One highlight in the game however is the unique x-ray kill cam which is akin to the x-ray gory deaths found in the Mortal Kombat series. My main goal when playing Sniper Elite V2 was to see how cool of a kill I could get whenever I was tasked with sniping someone. One time I managed to hit someone directly in the eye socket severing their eyeball completely.

Sniper Elite V2 does include a multiplayer mode, but at the time of review, the multiplayer lobbies were either not active or not live. There is a local and online co-op mode as well, which allows you and a friend to play together taking out enemies in unison.


As you make your way through each level, one thing that I found very helpful was the chatting of nearby soldiers which would give you an idea on their position and relative awareness of whether or not they knew they were being watched.

After engaging with a group, they would often shout out orders to keep an eye out for you or altering others to your position. Sometimes they would talk about the mission at hand, the war itself, or just other random banter. The inclusion of voice and random conversations is a nice bonus in the game.

Before you set out on your missions the narrator would give you a rundown of the objectives and targets you were after. Sometimes there were some bits about the war and the various groups you’d encounter along the way, which helped to set the tone.


Sniper Elite V2 definitely shows its age in the visual department. While the game looks fine as a remastered port of the 7-year-old game, there are some rough edges and pretty simplistic textures in the form of building architecture and the ground around you.

Enemies are not varied either, and you’ll encounter the same basic soldier designs albeit with some slight weight or height differences, before you are too far into the game. The game’s color pallet doesn’t deviate too much from browns and grays, though there are impressive bits of lighting and shadows that offset the bland colors.

I never encountered any hiccups in performance while playing Sniper Elite V2. I did prefer the game in docked mode over handheld though, as the small screen made targeting enemies more difficult. As for handheld, it does run fine and is passable if you plan to play away from home or your television.


The Switch doesn’t have a lot of AAA shooters and Sniper Elite V2 is perhaps one of the bloodier ones that are currently available. The game does allow you some creativity when it comes to how to beat missions, though for the most part, being methodical and tactical wins out over trying to shoot your way through enemy lines. The x-ray slow motion kill cam is one of the best parts and is very rewarding when you get that long distance sniper shot.


If you are thirsting for a tactical shooter on the Switch, Sniper Elite V2 will suffice for now and scratch that itch. The tactics needed for success will challenge even the best shooter fans out there and the gory kill cam is always a rewarding sight. The game does show its age though and has some rough edges so keep that in mind.





*A download key was provided by the Publisher for the purposes of this review

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