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With it now being April 29 in Japan, today marks the fourth anniversary since Monolith Soft brought Xenoblade Chronicles X to the Nintendo Wii U.

As far as games go, it was one of the few that pushed the Wii U to its limits and showed off what the console could do. Even then, sacrifices had to be made as development was tricky and although the game was meant to release earlier in the Wii U’s life cycle, it just wasn’t possible.

It’s also a game that was so large that it barely fit on a 32GB disc and Monolith Soft actually had to avoid using cutting edge technology, just to make the game possible on the Wii U in the first place.

It’s because of the issues it sustained that it is understandable why Monolith Soft keep saying that porting the game to Switch would be a huge and expensive undertaking.

Because of what was sacrificed, if they did a port, Monolith would actually have the chance to rework the game and implement the things they had to remove. Why settle for a port when you can rework a game and have it line up with your initial vision and of course, implementing such things and a better online mode, is precisely why a port would be expensive.

Still, all of that is neither here or now and since it is the game’s anniversary, here are a series of our favourite illustrations and tweets regarding all things #XenobladeX_fes19:

Happy anniversary Xenoblade Chronicles X!

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