My Favourite Bros Moment

Kicking off #BrosWeek with our first story, bc2014 shares his Favourite Bros Moment with us and the fun time he had with his sister playing Rayman Legends on the Xbox One.

I have fond memories of playing Rayman Legends with my sister back in 2015. We had got the Xbox One the previous Christmas and had a Gold subscription but our Internet was absolutely atrocious at the time and it took hours to do a game update. Well at the end of February, we get access to fibre optic and our download speed immediately went up by a factor of 10. For the first time, it would be possible to download a game without it taking forever. And the game which released next day with Gold was Rayman Legends.

I’d never played a Rayman game before and knew very little about the series. But I enjoy platforming games and I offered to my sister if we wanted to do “co-op”. She accepted and we went through all of the various worlds. The levels were always interesting, there was a lot to explore. I thought the music levels were just a joy to play. But there was always competition between the two of us to see who could get the most Lums in a stage. When it came to the Teensy bonus rooms, things tended to get a bit violent as we would fight to be the first one to collect them. It was an absolute blast and we both had a lot of fun – we even managed to make the top 10 on one of the levels after an hour of attempts!

By Mike Scorpio

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