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Calling all summoners, the latest summoning banner has been revealed for Fire Emblem Heroes, and this time, the Heroes in question hail from Fire Emblem Heroes, only this time the following Heroes are all dressed up for New Year’s:

  • Fjorm: New Traditions
  • Hríd: Resolute Prince
  • Laevatein: Kumade Warrior
  • Gunnthrá: Year’s First Dream

In addition to the four Heroes showcased, there will be a Paralogue story entitled “New Year’s Wish” and it has been revealed that a 5 Star Special Hero” Laegjarn: New Experiences, can be earned via the upcoming Tempest Trials+ entitled “An Alliance of Princesses.”

The summoning event for the New Year’s themed Book II heroes can be seen here:

07:00 am UTC (January 1, 2019) – 06:99 am UTC (February 1, 2019)

23:00 pm PT (December 31, 2018) – 22:99 pm PT (January 31, 2019)




Source: Nintendo Mobile (YouTube)


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