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Hey, you remember the amazing team behind Runbow? You know, 13am Games? Yes? Well those talented folks have been working on their newest game Double Cross and have finally be able to announce a release date.

Double Cross will be releasing on Nintendo Switch as well as other consoles on January 10th. Below we have the official mission statement from 13am Games.

Hi Future R/I.F.T. Agent,

Prepare to solve a thrilling multidimensional mystery filled with brawling combat, a special sling mechanic, diverse platforming missions and more in upcoming action-adventure game Double Crossfrom developer 13AM Games (Runbow fame). Launching January 10th on Nintendo Switch for $19.99 USD, Double Cross involves fireballs, martial arts combat, massive dinosaur enemies and a unique proton slinging mechanic that allows you to grab objects and throw them, as well as get you past difficult platforming challenges.

The game is Mega Man-like and features a depth of gameplay, including the following.

  • A unique sling fighting mechanic
  • Brawling combat
  • Interdimensional levels where a different gameplay mechanic is used to complete each level
  • Character customization (upgrade your character’s skills how you see fit)
  • Nonlinear storytelling so you can pick what levels you want to play and in which order
  • A robust investigation system where you need to find clues and take them to the correct characters

Source: 13am Games PR

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