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Our Xenoblade Theme Week (#XenoWeek) may be over but it doesn’t mean we will stop talking about the game. US Gamer recently spoke with Tetsuya Takahashi from Monolith Soft as regards to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and it’s success. Takahashi told US Gamer that from a sales perspective, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 exceeded expectations. North America and Europe in particular saw more people pick up the game then what was originally anticipated. As regards to Torna – The Golden Country, Takahashi states that sales have also exceeded expectations in Japan.

A statement from Takahashi about Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Sales:

“From a sales perspective, I have to say Xenoblade Chronicles 2 exceeded my expectations. We really saw more people pick the game up and experience it in the North American and European territories than we thought would do so. It’s still early days for the Torna DLC, but from what we’ve seen in Japan, the sales of the Torna DLC are exceeding our expectations as well.”

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

It has not been clarified how well Torna is doing in the west but original sales have been promising. As of June 2018, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has sold over 1.42 million copies. There is little reason for Torna not to at least make the 1 million mark, providing it includes both the Expansion Pass, Digital and Physical release.

Torna - The Golden Country box art

With Torna being the final chapter in XC2, what could the next possible entry in the Xenoblade series be? US Gamer asked Takahashi if the series would make a return to the Sci-Fi setting like Xenoblade Chronicles X? Takahashi replied that he is someone who gets bored with what he has already done. Instead, if the Xenoblade series continues, he would take a “third option”. An option that could go down a path that hasn’t been taken by the series.

“I’m someone who gets bored of whatever it was I did last. If the [Xenoblade Chronicles] series continues, you just might see it take a third option. It might go down a path it hasn’t gone down before.”


Source: US Gamer

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