To those that grew up in Great Britain in the 1980’s, you may no doubt remember the cartoon show Danger Mouse. The series saw a revival in 2015 and it also stemmed a mobile game as well.

The world’s greatest rodent spy isn’t done yet as Danger Mouse: The Danger Games is making the move from mobile to Nintendo Switch. Join Danger Mouse, Penfold and the other characters from the series as the have to compete in the Danger games, hosted by the Nefarious Quark.

Read on for more details in the official press release.


Get ready to race anytime, anywhere, when The Danger Games comes to the Nintendo Switch this Summer

Coming this September, the world’s greatest secret agent, Danger Mouse, will be blasting onto your Nintendo Switch TM along with a host of allies and adversaries from CBBC’s action adventure series.

In this insane race showdown of epic proportions, you’ll play as Danger Mouse, Jeopardy Mouse, Penfold, Colonel K, and a number of other lovable heroes and nefarious villains, all starring in Quark’s latest reality TV show, The Danger Games. Speed through city streets, battle enemies, and dodge explosions as you struggle for first place.

The new Nintendo SwitchTM version of the Danger Games will offer more variety and flexibility than the original mobile app. It will facilitate four players at once on one console, single player offline play, as well as preserving the existing online multiplayer feature available on the mobile app, now with an added 2-player option available. So when you’re out there thrashing the dastardly Baron von Greenback as the world’s greatest secret agent, it’s good to know that you can bring your friends along with you.

You will even be able to compete against smartphones users. This makes The Danger Games one of the first titles to facilitate cross-play between the Nintendo SwitchTM console and mobile. That means whether your friend has a smartphone or a Nintendo SwitchTM, nothing can stand in the way of your epic race battling.

Look for The Danger Games in the Nintendo eShop this September 13th 2018, available for €4.99 / $4.99.

Source: 9th Impact Studios PR

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