For the Switch owners who are looking for something to do this Friday that isn’t play GO VACATION or Kirby Star Allies when the update drops, have you thought about returning to Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 content

It has been revealed that Version 1.5.1 will be out in Japan (and most likely Europe,) on July 27, with the possibility of being out in North America on July 26 (today.) As for what the update is said to entail, well it backs up the previous datamine from over a month ago that says a Blade by the name of Hibana will be added. Only Hibana is exclusive to those who brought the Expansion Pass and so are the following additions:

  • Final quest pack includes 5 new quests, 3 of them involve a number of rare blades, the last one involves KOS-MOS and Shiki (Adenine).
  • New Rare Blade quest for Hibana, designed by Atto.
  • New items to exchange for in the Challenge Arena, costumes as well as items to increase Tora’s Idea.
  • Extreme and Custom difficulties added.
  • New Setting option will change the Unique Monster BGM to “You Will Know Our Names” (XB1 UM Theme) when Shulk and Fiora is in your party.


Provided the update follows the same pattern set by the previous updates, both it and the update for Kirby Star Allies should be out within the next 24 hours of writing this, and so will their patch notes. But with more costumes said to be coming, maybe we’ll get lucky and a Champion’s Tunic will be among those available. Below you can find a number of tweets also relating to today’s news:

 Source: Nintendo via ResetEra & @XenobladeJP (Twitter)

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