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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 patches 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 are rumored in a Gamefaqs Xenoblade subreddit discord from the usually reliable Moosehunter to be bringing at least two more brand-new original Blades, plus a famous returning Blade, that are coming as part of, or before the expansion pass.

For patch 1.5.1, there will be a brand new Fire Bitball Blade called Hibana and this is most likely a Japanese Blade.

With patch 1.5.2, there will be Kamyua who is a Light Katana Blade. The biggest news though, is the rumor of Elma Xenoblade Chronicles X returning and she’s coded as a Dark Twin Rings Blade. Strangely enough, she is coded as an enemy Blade and this would mean you would possible have to fight against her. No other details were given according to the reddit source.

This indeed does give some validity to at least a couple more Blades coming to the game and will be released either before or with Torna – The Golden Country in September.

Source: Gamefaqs

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