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Movie Director Jordon Vogt-Roberts has said in an interview with IGN that he has desires to make a Metroid movie and even has a pitch for the potential film.

“I have a pitch for a Metroid movie. They’ll never let me. It’s too crazy. It legitimately would be her (Samus) alone. It would be a little bit of her talking to herself. As soon as they introduce other talking characters in those games, to me it loses everything. You put her alone and it’s almost got more to do with the silence of a movie like Drive. Like the quietness. and having it be like a real, intense mood piece, but mixed with sci-fi.”

Jordon Vogt-Roberts also divulged how Super Metroid had an impact on him when he was younger. It had helped to inspire him and also other filmakers who had grown up playing videogames. There is no reason why a Metroid movie couldn’t be made when you look at the success of the Alien Franchise, or at least the first two in the series.

The director has also handed in a script for a Metal Gear Solid film recently. Whether or not the film will come into fruition is a different story as the idea has been floating around for quite some time now and nothing has come from it yet.

We would like to thank our friends over at Shinesparkers for bringing this news to our attention. If you are a big Metroid fan, you should definitely take a ganders at their website from time to time

The IGN interview with Jordon Vogt-Roberts can be viewed in the video below. You can find the part where Vogt-Roberts starts talking about Metroid from 10:54 minutes in.

If a full feature length film of Metroid can’t be done, I would still love to see a fan-made short. Recently, Actors Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly) and Stephen Lang (Avatar, Don’t Breathe) helped Director Allan Ungar create a fan-made film of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted. Perhaps Jennifer Hale would offer her voice again as she voiced Samus Aran in the Metroid Prime Series of games.


Source: IGN    Via: Shinesparkers.net

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