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Next year, aspiring RPG creators will be pleased to know that NIS America is bringing RPG Maker MV to the West. Gamers will be able to create and play their own RPG’s on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch when RPG Maker MV releases in 2019.

You can check out additional details and an announcement trailer below.


Aspiring game developers, writers, and creative geniuses can look forward to RPG Maker MV, the latest and greatest game creation software, on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2019! With hundreds of textures, character designs, monsters, and landscapes to begin your very own story, you can tell tales of valor, high fantasy chronicles, tragic love stories, and more! The sky’s the limit, and we mean it!

In addition to the game software, gamers will be able to download the free RPG Maker MV Player app that allows them to play anyone’s creation online, with or without the game! Watch the announcement trailer and see what great potentials lie in store within the universe of RPG Maker MV today!


Source: NIS America PR


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