While some comic books can go on to get a video game of their own, the soon to release Tanzia, is doing things the other way around.

Tanzia comic

Having started as a game, in time for its release, Tanzia is getting 2 digital comic books and anyone who pre-orders the game for Nintendo Switch or Steam Early Access, can receive the first one.

All buyers will need to do to ensure receiving one, is email proof of their purchase (digital receipts) to promo@arcanity.com and a comic book will be emailed back to them. But, just in case you get the comic and like what you see, the second comic book can be unlocked in game, when players collect all of the “Lost Pages of Grandfathers Journal.” A detailed post about all of this can be seen by clicking here, with an extract below:


You might have already heard that we have a couple of Tanzia comics. The story is a big focus in Tanzia and we had a lot of fun creating and telling it. So we had the idea that comics would let us focus on specific parts of the story in more detail. Also Saige and I always wanted to make a comic book 🙂 The first comic tells the story of Grandfather Mako’s discovery of Arcanity and his original battle with The Skeleton King. The 2nd comic continues later some years after the first and fills in some details about Grandfather’s disappearance. I’m really happy with how both comics came out. I wish we had the time and resources to do more. I had so much fun with them honestly after doing the first 2 comics I wanted to make a series of 10 or 20 comic books that tells the whole story arc of Grandfather and The Young Hero.

The 1st comic you can get right now if you pre-order Tanzia on either Steam or Nintendo Switch. Just forward your digital receipt to promo@arcanity.com and we’ll send you the 1st comic as a PDF file. If you can’t find the receipt, snap a screenshot of Tanzia in your game library and email that to us. You also get a discount for buying the game early in most regions (We had an issue setting up the store for Nintendo of Europe and couldn’t get the discount set up in time there.)


Having posted a 3 Page look at the comic back in December, you’re welcome to check out a couple of images by clicking here. We hope you’re as excited about the launch as we are.

Source: Arcanity Inc PR

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