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Last year at E3, Yoshi was revealed to be in development and will be seeing release in 2018. This year, there has been no word about when Yoshi will be launching on Switch and it was not present at E3 2018. Nintendo’s Bill Trinen has confirmed that Yoshi for Switch is “Making good progress.”

IGN chased Bill Trinen up for an update on Yoshi for Switch. Here is Bill’s official statement.

“It’s actually been making really good progress. They decided they wanted to make some improvements, so they’re going to take just a little bit more time on it and that’s why we’re not showing it this year at the show. But I think you can look forward to some updates on it later in 2018.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Yoshi for Switch will be releasing this year. At least we will have something to look forward to for 2019.

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