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With Summer just around the corner, now is as good as time as any to download the brand new free update for Rocket League. The Salty Shores update brings a whole new beach themed arena named “Salty Shores.” There is also a new vehicle available as a limited drop.

Salty Shores Update

For what else is included with the update, you can find the patch notes below.


  • ‘Salty Shores’ Arena has been added

  • Competitive Season 7 ends, and Season 8 begins

    • Season 7 Rewards: Player Banners and Goal Explosions are being distributed to eligible players

  • ‘Impact’ Crate has been added



  • ‘Salty Shores’ is now available as a new Arena in all Playlists

  • ‘Wasteland’ (Night) is now available in all Playlists

Crates and Keys

  • ‘Impact’ Crate has been added


  • ‘Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3’ is now available to all players under Music Playlists

  • Monstercat Flags have been added

    • ‘Aiobahn’

    • ‘Bad Computer’

    • ‘Dion Timmer’

    • ‘Duumu’

    • ‘Instinct’

    • ‘Inverness’

    • ‘Skyelle’

    • ‘Soupandreas’

    • ‘Stephen Walking’

    • ‘Sundial’

S. Watercolour

  • ‘S. Watercolour’ Customization Items have been added

    • ‘S. Watercolour’ Player Banner

    • ‘S. Watercolour’ Flag


  • ‘Glyphtrix’ (Triton)

  • ‘Min-Spec’ (Masamune)

  • ‘ShapeRacer’ (Paladin)

  • ‘Tiger Tiger’ (Aftershock)


  • ‘Goldfish’

  • ‘Palm Tree’

  • ‘Swim Ring’



  • A player’s Rank now correctly displays on the post-match screen

  • Fixed an issue causing Orange team-specific Presets to incorrectly preload during matchmaking, causing them to appear late once the map loaded

  • [Xbox One] Fixed a crash/performance issue

  • Fixed Boost activation occurring one frame behind input when client runs above 60 FPS

  • Boost Audio and visual FX will no longer continue to play after boost is deactivated

  • Fixed an issue with physics state quantization that led to cars occasionally “settling” at inconsistent suspension heights (thank you to Rocket Science for reporting this)

  • Improved loading performance that was causing some players (particularly on PS4) to experience stutter in the first 5-10 seconds of matches

  • Fixed players who have initiated a Forfeit Vote being unable to see the Vote to Forfeit option afterwards

  • The “Keyboard Input Acceleration Time” option is once again available in the Options – Controls menu.

  • Fixed the “Favorite” button sometimes disappearing in the Garage Car Body tab

  • Fixed issues with car preview sometimes breaking when quickly switching garage tabs

  • [Switch] Improved scrolling performance when viewing items in the Garage

  • Tread glow on ‘Season 3 – Star’ Wheels has been restored

  • FX on Draco Wheels have been restored


[NOTE: If you go down a division after a win in a Ranked match, this is not a bug. The division down is attached to a previous loss that was reported to our database late. You are still receiving appropriate credit for the win.]


  • Painted ‘Twinzer’ lacks paintable attributes on the front of the body

    • This will be changed in our next update

  • Paint finish on the Batmobile may look different than before

  • You may be able to see edges of the ‘lighthouse’ that illuminates the map on Salty Shores

  • [PS4 Pro] Users may experience performance issues when playing 3v3 Rumble on Neo Tokyo with Supersampling enabled

  • [Switch] Splitscreen users may take longer than normal to appear in the main menu

  • [PS4] Join delays at the start of a match have been greatly reduced but may still be present

  • [macOS. SteamOS] Textures on some buildings in the background may be missing

  • On Salty Shores, some ground textures load a few seconds after reaching the Choose Team screen

  • In some cases, users may not be able to invite Party members to trade immediately after leaving a match

  • Images of Painted ‘K2’ and ‘Zeta’ Wheel variants may not display correctly

  • Player POV camera issues when spectating or viewing Replays

  • Voltaic Wheels may appear pixelated for some players

  • Moving quickly between the Showroom and Garage may cause Boosts and Trails to not display properly when viewing in Redeem Rewards and Crate Preview menus.

  • Some Gray Wheels (Voltaic) may appear similar to Titanium White variants

  • Black texture can be seen sometimes outside of the Neo Tokyo and Tokyo Underpass Arenas

  • Painted Voltaic Wheels may appear pixelated

  • Trails slightly off-center behind ‘99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Wheels



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