Some Media outlets have been lucky enough to get hands on with the Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion. This has helped bring to light a lot of information about the DLC that will be release this Summer. Octo Expansion DLC Details include that some stages can give you an infinite ability like the Inkjet whilst on that mission. Some designers that worked on Zelda: Breath of the wild also helped out on the Octo Expansion. More back story on Off the Hook members Pearl and Marina.

You canread the full list of details below.

  • The music that thumps through the subway station’s walls is grittier than what’s usually found in Splatoon
  • You can choose the gender of your octoling much like you can the inkling when you initially played Splatoon 2
  • Each level’s difficulty seems ramped up from what’s in the base game’s campaign
  • 80 stages in comparison to the base game’s 32
  • Not every stage is required for “completion”
  • One stage example: armed with a Tri-Slosher bucket and approached by two flying enemies; the floor beneath has breakable crates; if you toss paint aimlessly, you might lose your footing and die
  • Other stages include one with an infinite Inkjet ability, powered by an ever-recharging boost
  • Another stage has you equipped with the Charger, as multiple enemies on platforms spun around, shooting continuously; can rotate them with a target on either end of the small platform, but can be easy to get overwhelmed
  • Another stage: push a giant ball around a narrow platform, with enemies all along the way
  •  Some designers who worked on the shrines from Zelda: Breath of the Wild also worked on the Octo Expansion
  • The new stages are trickled with familiar gadgets
  • One level has a giant discarded Game Boy floating in the air
  • Another level has old discs
  •  Appearance from Agent 3, the hero Inkling from the first Splatoon’s campaign
  • Cap’n Cuttlefish is back
  • Players will also learn more about the origins of Splatoon 2’s idol stars Pearl and Marina,
  • In finishing the campaign, players unlock the Octoling characters for the game’s multiplayer mode
  • Nintendo says the new expansion announcement did spark a huge spike in the completion rate of Splatoon 2’s single-player campaign


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